IV Hydration and Replenishment

One of our most popular new treatments is IV Hydration and Replenishment.  This trend has been catching on for years with pro athletes, fashion models, Vegas partiers, and a lot more.  We’re excited to offer this service at our luxury Maumee facility.

IV Hydration is a 1-liter saline bag delivered directly to the bloodstream through an IV for maximum hydration and absorption.

IV Replenishment is the addition of vitamins, minerals, or medicines to the bag, in order to treat a variety of conditions or deficiencies.

Who Can Use IV Bags

IV Hydration and Replenishment is a great option for anyone that wants a boost of hydration, vitamins, minerals, or medicines.  You can choose from our bags listed below, or customize a bag for a special purpose.  IV Bags can be used to replenish after a night out, or they can be used in advance of an event or where you need an energy or beauty boost.

You’ll meet with our doctor for a free consultation before your first bag to discuss all your options.  If you don’t see what you need on our menu, don’t worry, we can make a custom bag just for you.


How did IV Bags get so popular?

IV Bags have always been used in the medical field to deliver rapid hydration and replenishment.  The first major expansions into consumer IV Bags happened in professional sports as a preparation and recovery aid, and in Vegas as a hangover cure.

Because they worked so well, IV Bags took off in popularity, both in sports programs and vacation towns.  This led to IV Bags being used for beauty boosts for models, pain relief, diet support, and more.

We offer IV Bags as part of our line of cosmetic and lifestyle medicine at our luxury Maumee facility.  We have private patient lounges (see pic) where you can kick back watching Netflix in a comfortable adjustable lounger while we run your IV Bag.

Don’t like needles?  Don’t worry, we’re pros and you’ll barely feel it.   

Why Luxe Laser Center for IV Bags?

Luxe has been offering the best in lifestyle and cosmetic medicine for years, including the back-to-back years as a Top 500 nationwide provider for Botox and Fillers, the top Hormone Replacement Therapy program in the area, and the newest top-of-the-line lasers for hair removal, tattoo removal, and more. 

Our goal is to provide the best in all aspects of cosmetic and lifestyle medicine at prices that can’t be beat.  IV Bags are part of our complete package of services to help you feel your best, and we use our expertise to make sure you get exactly what you need. 


Warning: the strip-mall stores will have fake sales, try to convince you to buy memberships, or require you to buy packages. Do not be fooled by their sales team. They work on commission and get paid for ripping you off.

At Luxe, you only deal with medical staff, you never need to buy a membership or sign a contract, and there are no commissions. All of our pricing is published here so you know you are getting the best deal from the best in IV Hydration and Replenishment.

IV Bag Cost?

IV Bags at Luxe are the best value in the area, because of the luxury facility, excellent staff, and honest pricing. Consultations are always free, so stop by and see how easy it is to feel great with IV Bags.

We can afford to give you the best in IV Bags and still charge the lowest prices because we are the largest cosmetic and lifestyle medical center in the region. Come see the difference at Luxe.

Hydrate – $90

1-Liter Saline IV Bag

When you just need the fluids, this is the basic bag the others run through.

Defender – $100

Hydrate plus B and C Vitamins

Extra boost of energy and immune defense for a great daily feeling.

Immunity Boost – $120

Hydrate plus B, C, and Glutathione

An upgrade to the Defender for extra immune system boost to give you the best defense.

Jet Lag Bag – $120

Hydrate plus B, C, and B-12 Vitamins

It’s named that for a reason… Great for a boost to get you feeling great after a long flight, a long night, or to prep for a long day.

Myers Cocktail – $140

Hydrate plus B, C, B-12, and Mag

This classic was the original in IV Replenishment and remains one of the most popular bags.  This upgrade to the Jet Lag Bag adds Mag mineral blend to give muscles some added recovery.

The Energizer – $100

Hydrate plus B and B12 Vitamins

Just need some energy to feel great for a big day or an event?  This is the bag for you.

Add-Ins – $20

Add items to any bag for $20 apiece.  Want something you don’t see here?  Just ask us to order it.

Custom Bags – $???

Our doctor will help you make a custom bag, and we can even order additional add-ins you don’t see here.  If your custom bag makes the menu, you get to name it.


It’s Go Time – $140

Hydrate plus B, B-12, Mag, Taurine

Run this bag before an event or game for extra energy plus muscle support so you can unlock maximum performance like the pros.

Long Night – $100

Hydrate plus B Vitamins and Glutathione

Get rid of that hangover and get back to business with this bag for recovering from long nights.

Going Out Again – $120

Hydrate plus B Vitamins, Glutathione, and Taurine

Had a long night, and planning on another one?  This is the bag you need to feel better and have the energy to do it all again.

Beauty Bag – $140

Hydrate plus B and C Vitamins, Glutathione, and Biotin

Models and influencers have popularized this trick to look your best.  Run this bag ahead of your photo shoot or event for maximum beauty boost.

Diet Support Bag – $140

Hydrate plus B-12, MIC, L-Carnitine, and Vitamin D

We can help you feel great and boost your metabolism while you count the calories.

Migraine Bag – $120

Hydrate plus Benadryl, Reglan, and Toradol

Put that migraine day to bed with this bag to get you back to feeling great.

Chronic Pain or Fatigue Bag – $160

Hydrate plus B, B-12, C, D, Mag, Glutathione, and Toradol

We made this bag to help you overcome fatigue or pain that just won’t stop.

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