Bellafill is the only injectable filler that is FDA-indicated for 5+ years, and is the “secret” for acne scar correction, no-cut facelifts, and long-term line correction. 

Additionally, Bellafill is a great solution for individuals suffering “filler fatigue” from yearly injections.  This long-term solution can provide several years between treatments.  

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is a collagen-inducing formula that forces your body to create its own collagen in the injected area, producing a lasting solution for acne scarring and smile lines (nasolabial folds). This technology is unique to Bellafill, though you may have known it as Artefill in the past.

The new owners made some improvements to the Artefill formula and changed the name to Bellafill with the new FDA approval. If you liked Artefill, you’ll love Bellafill.

Bellafill for Acne Scars

Acne scarring can be both physically and emotionally scarring, but Luxe can help you return to smooth and confident skin with a combination of the most technologically-advanced procedures on the market, including Bellafill.

Bellafill provides a much needed boost in collagen that helps to smooth the skin. We usually use Bellafill in combination with Micro-Needling, Subcision, or CO2 Fractional Laser treatment, depending on the kind of acne scarring that is present.

Follow the links to read more about those procedures, as each used to address the skin in a different manner depending on the kind of acne scarring that has occurred.

Bellafill “props up” the skin temporarily with a gel collagen matrix for immediately visible correction, and is an integral part of acne scar correction.

Bellafill will transition to your body’s own collagen production over the course of a few months, and your body replaces the gel matrix with its own collagen during a short transition period.

The result is generally considered permanent correction of collagen production, limited to 5 years of FDA indication only by your own aging process. Consultations are free.

Bellafill Instead of a Facelift

Many patients don’t want the surgery, downtime, or scars of a facelift procedure, so they opt for a less invasive option. Traditionally, this was a combination of fillers and laser treatments, sometimes called a “no-cut facelift” or “laser-lift” by industry personnel (including us). Bellafill provides an additional solution for potential facelift patients that does not require the yearly upkeep of filler injections.

If you have volume loss in the face, loss of skin tightness, or have been considering a facelift, you could be a candidate for a volume lift with Bellafill instead of surgery.

You’ll save thousands and won’t have any of the complications of a facelift procedure. This is also a great long-term solution for patients currently adding volume to cheeks with Voluma.

Bellafill for Smile Lines

Bellafill is used in similar manner to the Juvederm family of fillers when used to treat smile lines, but is considered a long-term solution that does not require repeat injections.

If you have “filler fatigue” from repeated filling of smile lines, then Bellafill is the answer.

We typically recommend that you use HA filler at least once prior to Bellafill treatment, as it is a good way to determine your preference for results and get a good measure of how much correction you need.

Note that HA fillers can be neutralized and removed, but Bellafill is a permanent injection that cannot be reversed.

Where can Bellafill be used?

Bellafill is indicated for acne scarring and smile lines, but it also has some off-label uses for customers that are experiencing “filler fatigue” and want a more permanent solution, or for customers that are considering a facelift but don’t want the expense or downtime of surgery. Because Bellafill is a collagen-inducing matrix and not a traditional HA filler, it is best for experienced filler users or those seeking a permanent improvement instead of a temporary correction.

Bellafill Cost

Bellafill is $1000 for a single syringe, or $900 each if you buy two or more. We can split the purchase into multiple treatments if you prefer, so you can see the results as we go. Call us for details.

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