Madonna Lift

A Madonna lift (named after the popular singer) is an excellent way to do away with dark circles/rings under your eyes, sagging or drooping skin around your eye, or wrinkles in your eye area. Madonna Lifts are performed in the same manner and with the same equipment as a CO2 Resurfacing (more info here), but this procedure is just for the eyes. This is a different procedure from a CO2 Resurfacing, as we cannot get this close to the eyes without special preparation and settings.

Madonna Lift on “The Doctors”

The Madonna Lift Procedure

The Madonna lift is a simple, 20-minute procedure. You wear special protective eye shields during the procedure, and we use our CO2 laser to treat the areas directly adjacent to the eye.

You will feel a slight sting, but it is very minimal. For best results, we perform this laser procedure 3-5 times, depending on your specific goals and skin type.

You will have minimal redness, can wear makeup right away, and may return to normal activity without any downtime.

The cost is only $500 per treatment, only $1275 if bought as a package of three treatments, or only $300 per treatment if you are adding the Madonna Lift to a CO2 Resurfacing treatment.

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