Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Male hormone replacement therapy is used to correct the symptoms of low-T through the addition of bio-identical testosterone hormone pellets that are inserted into fatty tissue once every four months, or though synthetic testosterone liquid injections performed at home by the patient 2-5 times per week.

Both methods are effective, and can be combined if necessary.

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Who is a Candidate for Hormone Replacement?

All individuals will lose testosterone with age, and some individuals are born with less than others. There are a variety of lifestyle factors that can push down testosterone faster than nature, such as smoking, alcohol, and lack of physical activity. Blood tests are necessary to determine your baseline testosterone level and to establish a patient-specific goal testosterone level. The only way to correct testosterone levels is to supplement with medical testosterone, either through pellets or injections.

Symptoms may be more evident in certain circumstances, such as a patient that works out a lot but is unable to put on additional muscle, or a patient making all the right diet and exercise choices that is unable to maintain healthy weight.

These patients likely require additional testosterone to meet their goals.

Symptoms of Male Low-T

As you age, your hormone production (especially testosterone) goes down gradually. Some symptoms are fairly obvious, such as ED, while others are more subdued. Some of the more common symptoms are:


Loss of Energy


Decreased Sex Drive or Libido


Weight Gain Despite Exercise


Inability to Lose Fat Despite Exercise


Inability to Gain Muscle Despite Exercise


Lower Tolerance to Working Out


Depression or Depressed Moods


Loss of Memory


Loss of Muscle Tone


Menopausal Symptoms


Erectile Dysfunction


Poor Focus






Inflammation or Long Recovery Post-Exercise


Difficulty Sleeping

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, the answer may be easier than you think. We can draw your blood at Luxe or write you a prescription to have it checked at the lab of your choosing. The initial blood test is only $100, and there is no risk or commitment to have us check for hormone levels/balance and go over the results with you.

Note that we can treat your symptoms even when “normal” lab numbers are present if you feel that you are used to higher levels of hormones due to genetics or lifestyle.

Testosterone and Sexual Wellness

Low libido, a decreased sex drive, or erectile dysfunction (ED) are common signs that you may be low in testosterone. Correcting your testosterone levels may provide the boost that you need to remedy these issues, but patients in the HRT program may also be prescribed sexual wellness kits or Sildenafil tablets (Viagra) to assist with any issues that the patient may wish to remedy.

Note that lifestyle factors can contribute to these issues, and you should not be embarrassed to consult your physician about it. Sexual wellness issues are far more common than you may think, and the remedy can be as easy as one phone call.

Testosterone and Muscle

Testosterone is the building block for muscle, and low-T will cause muscle to build at a slower pace than most patients would like to see. Patients with correct testosterone levels will gain muscle consistently and will be able to push through the “wall” during strength training.

In addition, low-T can cause excess fat to build even while maintaining proper diet and exercise routines. To combat this, patients that strength train or participate in bodybuilding are encouraged to check levels regularly and supplement with additional testosterone to compensate for the additional requirements placed on the body by these activities.

If muscle development is your concern, visit our HGH/Sermorelin page.

Pellets or Liquid Injections

Both methods of hormone replacement are effective. Most advanced users prefer the bio-identical pellets to the liquid injections, but novice users may not be able to tell the difference. The doctor will help you choose which option will benefit you the most.

The pellets are natural and have a constant release, which is weighed against the inconvenience of inserting the pellets. Liquid injections allow the patient to skip the pellet injections, but require the patient to make small injections into pinched abdomen tissue 2-5 times per week, depending on dose.

The liquid injections are generally the lower-cost option.

Male HRT Cost

Male hormone replacement therapy is $800 per bio-identical pellet injection, and covers the first 2000mg of testosterone pellets. Additional pellets are $50 apiece, and add an additional 200mg of testosterone per pellet.

The pellets last 4 months. The cost of the hormone replacement program is included in the cost of the injection, and gives the patient access to additional wellness and medical solutions at wholesale cost, in addition to unlimited consults, reviews, and blood work (at cost, or lab prescriptions).

In addition, we now offer synthetic liquid testosterone injections for the patient to perform at home. For liquid injections, the program fee is separated from the cost of the injections, and patients pay Luxe $500 every three months to manage the program, and bill their liquid injections to insurance or cash (estimate of $50/month, depending on dose).

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