Micro Needling

Micro Needling is a process that stimulates new collagen and elastin growth with little or no downtime.

The procedure creates thousands of microscopic channels in the outermost skin layer, forcing the skin to generate collagen and tighten itself.

The result is tighter skin and reduction or elimination of inconsistencies such as acne scarring.

How Does Micro Needling Work?

Tiny needles are used to penetrate the skin in a controlled fashion, with adjustable depth settings depending on the type of skin correction being done and the area being treated.

The needles create channels that are filled with new skin tissue and collagen as they heal.

The skin pulls tight naturally during the healing process, resulting in reduction or elimination of inconsistencies.

We use the Eclipse device to administer the needling procedure, as it is the market leader in micro needling devices and growth factors.

Eclipse has more needles for superior functionality without pulling on the skin, medical-grade sterile disposable tips, and steel mechanicals to ensure exact penetration depth on every pulse.

The mechanical pulsing is much more effective than the non-mechanical devices such as rollers, and Eclipse is the most consistent and effective micro needling device on the market.

Do I Need Products With Micro Needling?

We provide all the products you need during the treatment, including a special cleanser, peptide serum, hydrating balm, anti-oxidant solar shield, and an optional growth factor serum.

The products are made to work with the Eclipse micro needling treatment, and are specially designed to be used in situations where the skin is penetrated.

Most products made by other manufacturers are made to be used topically, and should not be used with needling treatments, as they may cause irritation.

We recommend the Eclipse take-home post-treatment kit following your procedure. It includes special cleanser, peptide serum, hydrating balm, anti-oxidant solar shield, and anti-aging mask to be used for three days after micro needling.

After three days, you can return to your normal SkinMedica skin care routine. We include the Eclipse post-treatment kit with the package of 4 micro needling treatments.

Micro Needling Cost


Our micro needling treatment using the Eclipse system is only $800 for a package of four treatments. We almost always recommend sets of 4 treatments, as the process will produce exponentially increasing gains with each treatment. The package of 4 treatments includes the Eclipse Post-Treatment Kit ($140 value).

Eclipse Growth Factor Serum is $100, and is an optional growth factor that is needled into the skin during the procedure. It can be added to any micro needling treatment, but we usually recommend it for your second and fourth treatment.

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