Dermaplaning is the physical exfoliation of the skin, removing the dead skin cells and leaving behind a brighter and smoother surface.

The process of “shaving” the face has been around for decades, but has recently been perfected and is now a common part of a great skin maintenance program.

If you’ve ever wondered what people are doing to get that extra glow, this is it.

We use a sharp #12R “butter” blade to gently scrape away the outermost layer of dead skin, and we follow that with application of an AHA/BHA solution to maximize exfoliation.

The process is painless, has zero downtime, and your skin will be softer and smoother immediately.

We combine dermaplaning with chemical peels to maximize the efficacy of the peel.

The peel is able to more deeply penetrate the skin after dermaplaning because the surface impurities have been completely removed.


If you add dermaplaning to a chemical peel, it’s only $30.

We are your top luxury Med-Spa, and we can get you on a skin maintenance program that is perfect for your skin type and skin conditions.

Dermaplaning fits nearly every skin maintenance plan as it is effective, safe, and there is no downtime or special care.

Dermaplaning in the Media

Here is a great video where Jennifer Anderson from Cincinnati talks about dermaplaning and proper skin care.

Note that we do not charge as much as she does for the procedure.

She also talks about some SkinMedica products, which is our preferred premium brand of skin care.

Dermaplaning Cost

We reduce the cost of dermaplaning to $30 when it is added on to any of our chemical peels to increase the efficacy of the peel. Consultations are always free, so call today and schedule a time to stop by!

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