Hormone Replacement

Hormone Replacement is ideal for both male and female patients as natural hormone levels decrease with age.

The natural decline in hormone levels is unavoidable, but medical hormone replacement can reverse the symptoms and rewind the age clock.

The majority of symptoms are caused by a low testosterone level (both male and female), and can be easily balanced with your body’s needs.

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How Hormone Replacement Works

Hormone Replacement Therapy is the process of replacing or supplementing the testosterone (or other hormones) in your body, returning you to the levels of energy and drive that you had when you were in your teens or twenties. The difference can be life-changing.

Both men and women need correct testosterone levels to function, even though women may hear about estrogen more often. Note that testosterone is one of the core building blocks for the body, and is necessary for the production of estrogen, so low-T in women can actually be the cause of low-E symptoms. We can perform a simple blood draw to determine your current hormone levels.

Additionally, correct testosterone levels are necessary for weight management, the ability to increase or maintain muscle mass, and general energy concerns for both male and female patients. Interestingly, while testosterone is typically associated with males, it may be even more crucial to female patients.

Notably, both sexes will have significantly increased sex drive with hormone replacement.

Symptoms of Low-T

As you age, your hormone production (especially testosterone) goes down gradually. 

Some symptoms are fairly obvious, such as menopause or ED, while others are more subdued. Some of the more common symptoms are:


Loss of Energy


Decreased Sex Drive or Libido


Weight Gain Despite Exercise


Inability to Lose Fat Despite Exercise


Inability to Gain Muscle Despite Exercise


Lower Tolerance to Working Out


Depression or Depressed Moods


Loss of Memory


Loss of Muscle Tone


Menopausal Symptoms


Erectile Dysfunction or Vaginal Dryness


Poor Focus






Inflammation or Long Recovery Post-Exercise


Difficulty Sleeping

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, the answer may be right here. We can draw your blood at Luxe and have results in 1-2 days. The initial blood test is inexpensive, and there is no risk or commitment to have us check for hormone levels/balance and go over the results with you.

Note that we can treat symptoms even when “normal” lab numbers are present if you feel that you are used to higher levels of hormones due to genetics or lifestyle.

Hormone Replacement Methods

The ideal way to properly deliver testosterone to the body is through Bio-Identical Pellets that are placed into fatty tissue, typically at the top of the buttock. The pellets continually release testosterone at a safe and consistent level, and there is no need to diet, exercise, or change your lifestyle.

The pellets are placed every 4 months for males, and every 3 months for females. Female pellet placement is very easy, as a 3-month dose is only about the size of a Tic-Tac. The dose for males is substantially larger, which is why many male patients opt for liquid testosterone injections even though the pellets will deliver more consistent results.

Liquid injections are performed at home by the patient 2-3 times per week. You’ll receive all necessary items, including a 90-day supply of pre-filled syringes. This is seen as a less-invasive option for men, and is necessary for men without much body fat as pellet placement is not possible. While pellets are considered ideal, liquid injections still get the job done.

Contrary to popular belief, testosterone does not make patients angry or more aggressive. To the contrary, it actually gives patients an increase in friendliness and confidence, because it decreases irritability, sadness, nervousness, and tiredness. Most patients report a relaxed mood as they generally feel better than they did before.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

An initial blood test is required to determine your baseline hormone levels, and you’ll need to meet with a physician to determine your treatment path. The consultation is free, and the blood work is $100 if you do it here.

The Hormone Replacement Program consists of program management fees and the cost of the hormones. If using pellets, the cost is $500 per treatment for female patients and $800 per treatment for male patients. If using injections, the program fee is a flat $2,000 per year, and you or your insurance pay the pharmacy directly for your syringes (varies with dose, but average $40/month).

In the Hormone Replacement Program, in addition to unlimited contact with medical staff, patients receive the following services at cost: Blood work; Bio-identical hormone pellets; Liquid hormone injections; Additional hormone-related items such as sexual wellness kits, B-12 shots, MIC shots; Sermorelin (hgh); Sildenafil (Viagra); and more.

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