Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

Female hormone replacement therapy is the process of re-balancing the hormones that we gradually lose as we age, effectively reversing the clock on aging. Interestingly, the most needed hormone for women is the same as men: testosterone. While normally associated with males, testosterone is crucial to maintaining proper energy levels and mood, in addition to correcting a wide variety of issues related to low-T that are listed below. Female patients must also balance estrogen and progesterone with the testosterone to reach the full potential of hormone replacement therapy.


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Who is a Candidate for Hormone Replacement?

All women will have decreased hormone production as we age. Notably, testosterone levels in women begin to decline in our 30’s and will never recover.

Note that testosterone is a building block for estrogen, so we often see low-T and low-E together. It is important to balance all hormones to appropriate levels and to monitor those levels during treatment for complete medical hormone replacement.

Testosterone is as important to female patients as it is to male patients, though women require far less to balance the hormones in the body.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, you are a candidate for hormone replacement.

Symptoms of Female Low-T


Loss of Energy


Decreased Sex Drive or Libido


Weight Gain Despite Exercise


Inability to Lose Fat Despite Exercise


Inability to Gain Muscle Despite Exercise


Lower Tolerance to Working Out


Depression or Depressed Moods


Loss of Memory


Loss of Muscle Tone


Menopausal Symptoms


Vaginal Dryness


Poor Focus






Inflammation or Long Recovery Post-Exercise


Difficulty Sleeping

f you suffer from any of these symptoms, the answer may be easier than you think. We can draw your blood at Luxe or write you a prescription to have it checked at the lab of your choosing. The initial blood test is only $100, and there is no risk or commitment to have us check for hormone levels/balance and go over the results with you.

Note that we can treat your symptoms even when “normal” lab numbers are present if you feel that you are used to higher levels of hormones due to genetics or lifestyle.

Testosterone and Sexual Wellness

The ideal way to properly deliver testosterone to the body is through Bio-Identical Pellets that are placed into fatty tissue, typically at the top of the buttock. The pellets continually release testosterone at a safe and consistent level, and there is no need to diet, exercise, or change your lifestyle.

The pellets are placed every 4 months for males, and every 3 months for females. Female pellet placement is very easy, as a 3-month dose is only about the size of a Tic-Tac. The dose for males is substantially larger, which is why many male patients opt for liquid testosterone injections even though the pellets will deliver more consistent results.

Testosterone and Muscle

Testosterone is required to build and maintain muscle, so correct testosterone levels are necessary to make gains in strength training. The female body does not have as much free testosterone as the male body, so medical testosterone replacement is very common among female athletes or female strength trainers.

Note that dosing is based on testing and lifestyle, so you will not put on muscle with HRT unless you are actively training for that reason. For non-athletes, the testosterone correction will be more of a mental and energy change, as opposed to a recovery or muscle-building change. If building muscle is your goal, visit our HGH/Sermorelin page.

Bio-Identical Pellets

Bio-identical hormone pellets are injected into fatty tissue every 3 months for female patients, and they provide a constant and consistent release of necessary natural hormones. Women receive about 1/10 of the dose that men receive, as the female body requires far less testosterone than the male body.

An average female patient gets 120-150mg of testosterone (about the size of a Tic-Tac) every three months, plus estrogen or progesterone as needed.

The dose is low enough that there is near-zero chance of side effects often associated with testosterone such as unwanted hair growth or deepening of voice. Even the higher athletic doses would rarely cause any side effects.

Female HRT Cost

Female hormone replacement therapy is $500 for each bio-identical pellet insertion, typically scheduled every three months. This fee includes the procedure and complete program management.

Patients are provided with low-cost blood work and prescriptions related to HRT, and have unlimited access to medical staff.

There is no ongoing commitment or contract, and patients are free to start and stop hormone replacement therapy as desired.

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