Neck Lift

When it comes to chin treatments, patients have several options. Some options remove fat, some options tighten skin, and some options do both.

We’ll go over the different types of chin procedures below, to clarify the differences and provide information on each procedure.

Coolsculpting Neck Lift

Coolsculpting uses a small applicator with vacuum suction to pull in tissue, then cools it to a temperature at which the fat cells die.

This procedure works exactly the same as Coolsculpting treatments on the body, and can be seen in more detail on our Coolsculpting page.

The damaged cells are cycled out of the body over the course of 2-3 months. The procedure is completely non-invasive, and takes less than an hour.

Results are modest compared to invasive procedures, but the process is repeatable for more dramatic change in appearance.

Always wait to see the result prior to purchasing additional applications, as you may reach the desired result after only one treatment.

Be wary of discounts for buying more treatments than you need, as there is no way to determine the number of treatments necessary until each application is complete.

This is why Luxe offers the maximum discount of 30% off every treatment ($525), even if you only buy one.

Coolsculpting remains the leader in efficacy for non-invasive fat removal, and is the only non-invasive treatment that Luxe recommends.

Kybella Neck Lift

Kybella is an injectable treatment that damages fat cells, causing the body to then cycle out the damaged cells. Full result is seen in as little as one month.

The injections only take about 15 minutes, and side effects are typically limited to mild swelling for a couple days.

Kybella is able to target fat pockets more accurately than Coolsculpting, as the injections can be targeted directly at problem areas.

Each treatment will provide a consistent result, and sometimes one treatment is enough to reach your desired outcome.

If you desire more dramatic result, the injections can be repeated. Kybella is indicated for use under the chin, but may be used in other targeted pockets of fat.

Kybella treatments are $1000 for the initial treatment, and $800 for additional treatments.

Smart Lipo Neck Lift

Smart Lipo is the gold standard for chin fat removal. It consists of a laser fiber that directs energy into the fat cells, damaging them to the point of melting, after which the are removed from the body via suction during the procedure.

Results are immediate, as the fat is physically removed from the body during the procedure, but some swelling may occur for several days.

To reduce swelling, patients must wear a headgear style wrap that holds the chin area tight for three days after the procedure.

For this reason, we typically schedule Smart Lipo of the chin on Thursdays so that you can wear the head wrap over the weekend and be go to go on Monday.

This procedure does not need to be repeated, as the physician will remove the desired amount of fat to reach the patient goal during the treatment.

The treatment takes about two hours, and the patient is awake and coherent the entire time, as only local anesthesia is necessary.

This procedure includes PrecisionTx skin tightening, discussed in more detail below.

Tightening the skin can sometimes produce as dramatic as an effect as fat removal, and Smart Lipo combines both for ideal outcome. Smart Lipo of the chin is $3000.

PrecisionTx Neck Lift

The side-firing PrecisionTx laser fiber is the optimum way to tighten skin, and is especially effective under the chin.

This treatment is best for patients with extra skin or loose skin under the chin, who are looking for tightening of the skin but do not want a surgical chin lift.

This treatment is included in our Smart Lipo Chin Treatment mentioned above, and results are achieved in only one treatment.

It is not necessary to repeat this treatment.

Note that skin tightening can only be achieved from under the skin in a procedure such as this, and that external tightening treatments are not offered at Luxe because they produce only temporary results.

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