Rosacea is a redness of the face, usually beginning in the central area and spreading outward. It will continue to become worse if left untreated. There is no way to stop the formation of new rosacea, but treatment can erase the effects that rosacea has had on the skin and delay the formation of new skin imperfections.

Rosacea can be caused by sunlight, stress, temperature, exercise, alcohol, and a variety of other factors. The redness is often viewed as embarassing for non-drinkers because of the common association of alcoholism with rosacea.

Heavy alcohol use over time will cause red noses and “gin blossoms” on cheeks, which is how the term originated.


At Luxe, we can treat the rosacea and return the skin to a smooth and even tone. Our advanced lasers are the best in the industry, and light rosacea may be resolved in a single treatment. Heavier coverage or deeper rosacea may require several treatments to completely return the skin to its normal tone and texture.

Treatment prices depend on the reach and depth of the rosacea, but start as low as $120 for light discoloration. You’ll see results immediately, and treatments can be done close together, so even darker rosacea can be completely eliminated in a matter of weeks.

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