Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are typically caused by pregnancy or weight loss/gain, but also have several less-common causes. A stretch mark is a discoloration of the skin in a pattern that looks like stretching, usually red, purple, or white in color.

Sometimes, the skin will have texture issues along with the pigmentation, as the skin is unable to generate evenly under the conditions. The stretch marks will fade somewhat over time, but will never completely disappear or return to even texture on their own.

We can use our premier laser technology to eliminate the stretch marks and return your skin to a smooth and even appearance. Stretch marks are one of the most difficult marks to treat, but we have the technology in Maumee to do what nobody in the area has ever been able to do.

Stretch marks can now be eliminated in as little as 3-6 treatments (or less!) using a combination of our fractional CO2 laser and our Revlite SI laser system. The fractional laser causes the skin to regenerate and destroy the texture of stretch marks, while the Revlite SI reduces the pigmentation associated with them. This combination is the gold standard for treating stretch marks, and is offered only at Luxe.

The process of treating stretch marks with lasers is fast and easy, as treatments can usually be completed in less than 10 minutes. We use a numbing agent on the area so that treatment is painless. You can immediately return to normal activity as the laser treatment requires no particular aftercare. Note that topical treatments and non-laser treatments have been proven repeatedly to be ineffective. The only true solution for stretch marks is laser treatment.

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