Subcision is the process of using a needle to disconnect acne scar tissue under the skin, thus allowing the skin to regain the elastic quality that keeps it smooth.

It is a simple procedure performed in our Maumee facility and there is little or no downtime associated with it.

Candidacy is determined through a free consultation.

Subcision Procedure

The process is accomplished by using a tri-bevel needle or cutting needle inserted through a small incision in the skin, normally no larger than the head of the needle.

The needle is used to cut through the stiff fibrotic bands that form as scar tissue, restoring the skin’s ability to flex.

The process is most common in acne scarring, as the depressions from deep acne create stiff bands and produce a bumpy, rolling, or uneven appearance.

After the bands are broken, the skin may require additional treatments such as Micro-Needling, CO2 Fractional Laser, or Bellafill to reach patient goals. Subcision is not usually an independent solution, as it is limited in scope, but is generally a complement to other corrective procedures for acne scarring or depressed tissue scarring.

Subcision Cost

The cost of subcision depends on the coverage and complexity of the scarring to be addressed, and is based on procedure time as opposed to skin area.

Consultations are required, but an average cost would be in the $250-$500 range for moderate scarring, and $500-$1000 range for severe scarring.

Multiple treatments may be necessary, or you may combine subcision with other services for maximum result.

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