Spider Veins

Spider veins (Telangiectasia) are small visible veins near the surface of the skin. They can range from a single small vein to a complete coverage of a large area. Spider veins are very common, and can normally be cured with a single laser or injection treatment.


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Symptoms of Spider veins

Spider Veins are typically easy to diagnose. The size and frequency can vary, but all spider veins are going to have some discoloration of the skin involved. Age is a factor, as is gender. Lifestyle can play a part in your propensity to develop spider veins, as being on your feet a lot (teachers, nurses) can cause more spider veins to form in the legs.

Pregnancy almost always causes spider veins, and they will not go away on their own after delivery.

Sitting for long periods, lifting heavy items regularly, or even participating in sports can increase propensity for spider veins. Because of the broad list of causes, nearly everyone will have spider veins at some point. Luckily, laser treatment is common and very effective.

Treatment of Spider Veins

Spider Veins can be treated with injections (sclerotherapy), laser treatments, or both. Some veins are better treated with injections, and some with lasers. We often combine the treatments for optimal clearing of surface spider veins.

Injections are a reliable solution for most spider veins, and we have several different types of sclerosing agents (injection solutions) to treat a variety of vein types. It is possible that your insurance will cover the cost of treating spider veins with injections. Call us for details.

Laser treatment of spider veins has replaced injections for some veins, especially groups of clustered tiny veins. Laser treatment can be performed on its own or in combination with injections. The best results are often from a combination of the two treatment types, as they are both ideal for different types of veins.

Underlying Issues

Sometimes, spider veins can be an indicator of underlying medical issues. Most often, the underlying issue is a varicose vein condition. Spider veins could be the early sign of varicose veins. You can read more about varicose veins here. Varicose veins are almost always covered by insurance, and our laser treatment is the best in the area.

Cost of Spider Vein Treatment

Because spider veins are so common, the cost of treatment is very low. Spider veins are treated by time, at $150 for each 10-minute session. The area we can cover in 10 minutes can vary depending on density, depth, and type of spider veins. You can purchase as many treatment sessions as you like, and the cost is the same for injections or for laser treatment.

Spider veins can be treated as they occur, and you do not have to wait until they form larger areas before treating them.

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