Cellulite is caused when fat under the skin pushes against the connective tissue and creates a dimpled, bumpy, or “cottage cheese” appearance in the skin.

Cellulite occurs for a variety of reasons, and is more prevalent in women than men. Some studies indicate up to 95% of women will form areas of cellulite at some point.


Cellulite Treatment

The Cellulaze procedure from Cynosure is the most effective and reliable cellulite treatment. It is much more effective than radio-frequency treatments or vibration devices, because Cellulaze works from within the skin to correct the discrepancies in connective tissue and return the skin to a smooth appearance and texture.

The Cellulaze laser works from under the skin to heat the connective tissue and collagen bands, breaking the bands that have become tight and solid, while returning loose or stretched bands to their natural elastic shape. The skin is returned to a smooth and even texture, and continued improvement will occur as new collagen bands take the place of the solid ones that were broken away. This further reinforces the connective tissue to prevent recurrence of cellulite. No cream or massage can do this.

Cellulaze Cost

The cost of Cellulaze varies with the size of the cellulite area to be treated, as it is different for every patient and can occur in nearly any area of the body. 

As an example, a typical lower-buttock and upper-leg treatment on both legs would cost about $4000. Call us for details or to set up a free consultation.

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