Clarisonic is the top automated cleansing system in the world. The patented system cleans deep into pores and helps exfoliate your skin so you can feel refreshed and clean. Clarisonic cleans your skin up to 11x better than manual washing, even when you scrub as hard as you can.

We strongly recommend Clarisonic, but maybe for a different reason than you think. While clean skin is great, it’s more about your skin’s ability to absorb the products that you are using.

We sell the best brands on the market, and if you are buying SkinMedica or Dermalogica products you will want those products to be effective.

The bottom line is that your skin can absorb and make use of these products 6x more effectively than without it. That’s almost an entire week’s worth of product being thrown out when you are cleansing manually. If you are buying premium products, make sure your skin can use them. Get a Clarisonic today.

Clarisonic Mia 2

We only recommend two types of Clarisonic cleansing devices, the first being this excellent Mia 2. The Mia 2 has 6x the cleansing power of hand washing, leading to 61% better product absorbtion. Without it, you are throwing that 61% down the drain.

Our aesthetician can teach you how to use your Clarisonic with any cleanser, free of charge. The Mia 2 is the best combination of performance and value, offering multiple speeds and a built-in timer, as well as a large variety of color options.

Our Clarisonic pricing is so good that Clarisonic says I’m not allowed to advertise it anymore (seriously), so stop by today to learn more and pick up one of these amazing devices.

Clarisonic Smart Profile

The Smart Profile is the best that Clarisonic offers. It offers 4 speeds plus a body-turbo mode, SMART technology to automatically adjust brush speed, a brush head replacement sensor, and 11x the cleansing power of hand washing.

The Smart Profile is the pinnacle of sonic cleansing, and no unit on the market can come close to this level of efficacy. It even tells you how long to wash each part of your face, and works with the Pedi brush heads, eliminating the need for the Pedi Kit.

Clarisonic Pedi Kit

The new Pedi features 3 speeds, an adjustable timer and the ability to smooth and soften your feet right from home. It is waterproof, like all Clarisonic devices, so you can use it in the shower or bath if you like.

Pedi comes with the Pedi Smoothing Disc, Pedi Wet/Dry Brushing Head, and an assortment of Clarisonic’s best creams to make for the best home pedicure you can get.

The brush heads can only be used on Pedi or Smart Profile devices.

Clarisonic Opal

The Opal is Clarisonic’s solution to maximizing the effectiveness of product, by using sonic pulses to help the product penetrate deep into the skin. This aids in hydration, and leads to greater absorbtion of all products applied after cleansing.

Clarisonic Pricing

Clarisonic does not allow skincare professionals to advertise discount prices, so you’re going to have to stop by to see just how much money we can save you.

While you’re here, chat with our aesthetician about your skin care goals and we can make sure you are on the right path.

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