Excessive sweating can cause physical, emotional, and social burdens. Let Luxe stop the sweating today and help you get your life back!

You don’t have to keep messing around with temporary treatments that don’t work, because Luxe can fix sweat glands for good in a 1-hour PrecisionTx procedure. It’s a simple process, requires only one treatment, is painless, has no downtime, and costs only $2500.

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

The PrecisionTx hyperhidrosis treatment is an advancement in laser technology, using the PrecisionTx side-firing laser to reach under the sweat glands and ablate (destroy) them.

The FDA rates the procedure at a 100% success rate after just one treatment.

Only a facility with a side-firing PrecisionTx laser can perform this treatment, and we are the only laser center in the region with this technology.

Complete destruction of the sweat glands is accomplished in just one treatment thanks to the side-firing laser technology that we employ in our Maumee facility.

In only an hour, we can completely stop ALL sweating. The procedure is painless, and you can expect only minor discomfort for a couple days after. There is no downtime required, and you can resume normal day-to-day activity right after the procedure.

The cost of the procedure is only $2500, and consultations to talk with the physician about it are free. Call us at 419-893-2775 to chat about it or set up a time to stop by.

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