Tummy Tucks & Skin Removal

Tummy Tucks and Mini Tucks are procedures that remove portions of loose skin. A Tummy Tuck is the removal of a significant amount of skin from the abdomen, typically extending from hip to hip. A Mini Tuck is the removal of less skin, either in the abdomen or any other area of the body.

Mini Tucks can be any size, and can be used to tighten skin anywhere on the body. The cause of the loose skin can be weight loss, pregnancy, or just genetics. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and results in dramatic difference and minimal scarring.

When a tuck procedure is performed, the remaining skin is elevated from the tissue (known as “undermining”) so that it can be stretched across the area.

The result is tight skin over both the tuck area and the undermined area with minimal scarring.

An advantage of Mini-Tucks is that they can be used on both the upper or lower abdomen.

Upper abdomen tucks can also be done simultaneously with lower abdomen tucks to produce the result of a traditional Full Tummy Tuck without the need to remove/replace the bellybutton.

This produces a more natural look with much less recovery or downtime.


At Luxe Laser Center, we perform the procedure using local anesthesia, known as tumescent anesthesia or twilight anesthesia.

This allows you to have the procedure done for thousands less than traditional tucks that were performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia also has far fewer risks and side effects than general anesthesia, so you can feel safer knowing that you won’t be put under during your surgery.

Additionally, we perform the procedure so that you have minimal downtime and very little pain, typically only asking you to rest for a couple days.

Traditional tucks can result in up to six weeks of downtime, significant pain during recovery, and often require drainage tubes or follow-up procedures to complete the task.

Tucks at Luxe don’t require any tubes or repeat surgeries, and this is part of the reason that traditional tucks are becoming outdated and generally frowned on by industry professionals.

Tucks & Smart Lipo

Typically, a tuck procedure will be performed in conjunction with a Smart Lipo procedure, so that skin is removed from the body and brought tight at the same time that fat is removed from the entire undermined area using Smart Lipo.

The result is a more dramatic tightening of the skin, along with a more significant reduction of fat from the area.

This is achieved because Smart Lipo tightens the remaining skin on its own, then that skin is brought tight over the tuck area.

Tummy Tuck & Mini Tuck Pricing

Tucks vary in pricing, as the amount of loose skin and the extent of undermining can be significantly different from one patient to the next.

A typical abdomen tuck ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on severity of the case.

Consultations are always free, so stop by and we can chat about what you want done and give you an accurate price quote.

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